Affordability & Why We Keep Your Costs Low

As tuition rates at many colleges skyrocket, we believe people entering ministry should not be burdened with high student loans. You should be focusing on ministry, not worrying about paying back student loans. We want you free to do God’s work!

Ranked #1

Our tuition is affordable, ranking #1 in the nation* among schools with both regional and ABHE accreditation.

Most Affordable (A)1

You can afford it

Don’t pay full price – calculate your cost – then get financial aid to help with the rest.

Most Affordable (B)1a

Less debt is better

We keep our costs down so you can focus on the things that matter – expanding the kingdom of God.

Most Affordable (C)1b

How do we do it?

Unlike other colleges where tuition funds most of the expense, we depend on donations from friends & alumni of bte365官网地址 across the country for a significant percentage of our yearly budget. Our giving programs and endowed scholarships act as a tuition replacement fund.

This model allows us to offer our students a low-cost — or even no-cost — education year after year. Rather than charging sky-high rates, we make thoughtful decisions about the most efficient way to operate every year. This ensures our students entering ministry will have very little to pay back.

If you want to help support this model of excellent, affordable education, please consider lending your support.

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